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All You Need to Know About Adult Orthodontics

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Adult orthodontics is a method of improving facial features by repositioning & restructuring teeth. It is quite common for adults to receive this treatment.

Modern dentistry has allowed the treatment to be extremely simple. Here’s what you need to understand about orthodontic treatments designed for adults.

Benefits of adult orthodontics

Here are some of the commonly reported benefits of orthodontic treatment.

Improved self-image

It is no shock that receiving this treatment enhances one’s appearance vastly. Patients also report feeling an increase in their self-esteem due to their improvised appearance.  This newly-found confidence has worked wonders for many.

Patients find themselves doing things they would otherwise never have the confidence to do. Smiling widely, better relationships with other people, better work opportunities, etc. are all aspects of life that this treatment enhances. Patients also report receiving less judgment for the way their teeth look. May people find that they feel better about themselves after the treatment. Furthermore, who doesn’t like having a bright smile with great teeth?

Better career and hiring prospects

The possibility of this treatment affecting your career positively is very high. In a study, it was found that people with straight smiles were hired more frequently than people with crooked ones. They are considered more intelligent and eligible for jobs.

Enhanced social status

Enhanced social status is also observed. It is not rare for patients to receive casual remarks about the way their teeth look. The treatment helps you to feel confident and secure about your teeth. The treatment does not ensure complete social confidence, but one thing is promised, you will be left feeling good about yourself, which is what matters most.

The cosmetic benefits are many and affect our daily life significantly. It is simpler to clean straight teeth. It also prevents gum diseases which often lead to bigger diseases like diabetes, etc.

How long does it take?

The time taken for the braces to work depends on a lot of factors like age, procedure, diet, etc. How much do you take care of your braces directly on the duration? Braces are especially suitable for adults as they can better manage and keep the braces clean. It also reduces the risk of injury. There is no definite duration for braces to be effective. Depending on the severity, adults may need to wear braces for 2 to 3 years. The maximum time required is 3 years. If the patient takes great care of the braces, they may be removed soon.

Suitable for adults

As previously stated, orthodontic treatment is eminently suitable for since they can take care of orthodontics better than children and teens.

Metal braces are small and attractive. If you prefer something that is not noticeable, that is also available. Invisalign and clear aligners are also an option.

Available types of braces and aligners

Adults have a wide range of options to decide from. Metal braces are the traditional kind that can be altered as per the shape of the teeth. These are the most widely used ones. They are the most affordable braces available, but they are quite noticeable.

Ceramic braces are the slightly noticeable ones as they blend in with the normal colour of your teeth. They are usually a preferred option for adults since they are less noticeable. However, they can easily become tinted if they are not taken care of properly. They are also quite expensive.

Lingual braces are just like traditional braces, the only oddity being that they are attached to the inner side of the teeth. They are not visible to others. However, it takes longer than traditional braces to correct the tooth alignment.  They are also uncomfortable for patients as they are very closely positioned to the tongue. This type of braces can also be difficult to keep clean.

Invisalign is another kind of very discreet braces that many adults prefer.  They are made of clear plastic material. They are worn over like a lid for the teeth. They are the most suitable for people who don’t want anything to affect their appearance. However, Invisalign is expensive and is used to treat only minor dental problems.

Self-ligating braces are very similar to metallic braces but they have clips and not elastics. This makes the braces easier to manage and keep clean. They can also provide a very precise tooth alignment. However, they are costly and visible from the outside.

Comfortable Modern Orthodontic Options

Adult orthodontic options are effective and comfortable. Get a consultation with your dentist about the best option for you.


Adult orthodontics is easy to afford and cost-efficient.  It also depends on the oral health of the patient. Certain kinds of aligners are more affordable than braces as orthodontist supervision is not required to fit them in the mouth, though, regular check-ups are advised.

Improved oral Health

Braces and aligners work wonders for oral health and overall health. Crooked teeth that were hard to clean become manageable and easier to keep clean. Crooked teeth make it harder for the toothbrush and floss to clean spaces in between teeth. With the help of orthodontic treatment, cleaning and taking care of them is far easier.

The procedure makes the teeth healthier and reduces the risk of various dental diseases like cavities, gum diseases, bad breath, etc. Not only that, braces and aligners can also fix your bite and jaw alignment if it needs fixing.

The orthodontic treatment you receive also makes sure that the teeth don’t get damage, as there is a high possibility of crooked teeth rubbing over each other, causing wear and tear. The teeth also become less susceptible to injuries due to misalignment.

Orthodontics is a great procedure to fix teeth, permanently. It is pocket-friendly and all it requires from you is your patience.

If you have been living with crooked teeth all your life, then it may be time for a new look. Modern orthodontics can help improve your life easily. Visit your nearest professional orthodontist for more information.

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