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What are the advantages of clear ceramic braces for adults?

Published: Nov 08, 2023 Last Updated: Dec 13, 2023
What are the advantages of clear ceramic braces for adults?

In the earlier days, braces were used mostly by adolescents but increasingly they are being used by adults as well. Advancements in dentistry and new treatment options allow correcting the alignment of teeth at any age. Many people think that wearing braces is mostly for improving appearance, but that is not the only reason braces are worn. They help to set right the bite issues, close the gaps between teeth, help support the health of gums and teeth, correct speech problems and promote oral and dental health.

Misalignment in teeth is caused when teeth drift from their original or desired position to somewhere else. This will cause the teeth to be pushed against one another, shifting their position in the gums. Tooth decay and gum diseases are some of the most common dental issues that crop up. Due to constant pressure applied to the teeth by chewing, the teeth move and misalignment of teeth results. This can happen in adulthood as well. Braces help to ensure the teeth remain in the correct position and also enhance the appearance of the person. There are different types of braces available and one of the is clear ceramic braces.

Clear ceramic braces

Clear ceramic braces can be considered as one of the traditional braces that is available as a treatment option. A dental consultation will help in deciding the type of braces that will be suitable and this will also help to set the stage for the treatment process. Ceramic braces are chosen by adults as they offer the discrete support needed. Unlike traditional braces, the metal frames are not visible, the braces are made of clear plastic or ceramic.

Similar to traditional braces, these are placed on the teeth by dentists. A metal arch wire and bands are used to place the braces in place and also hold them in position. Dentists make sure that the elastic bands hold the braces to each tooth. This procedure does not take much time and will be completed within an hour. After wearing it for the prescribed time, the braces will slowly apply pressure to the teeth and move them to the desired position.

Benefits of clear ceramic braces

The following are some benefits of clear ceramic braces.


Ceramic braces provide discreet support to the teeth and correct the alignment. This feature is one of the key features of these braces which makes them attractive to adults especially. The support they provide is the same as traditional braces but with the extra feature of being practically invisible unless examined very closely.

Ceramic braces are made of a plastic like material which are glued to individual teeth and slowly the teeth are moved to the desired position. The ceramic braces merge in naturally and provide confidence to people without worrying about the braces getting unwanted attention.


One might feel that because metal brackets are not used, ceramic braces will not be durable. In fact, the material that is used in ceramic braces is made of strong material like corundum and offers great stability and durability to the appliance. The material is also of the same colour as the teeth and provides the invisibility feature.

This is not all, the distinguishing feature of the braces is that they are stain resistant and do not absorb stains from food like other braces. Durability and sturdiness are provided by the metal arch wires and they can also be coloured to mask visibility.

Faster progress

The progress in achieving teeth alignment is faster, this is more so when compared with other clear braces like Invisalign. Ceramic braces offer the same constant support to the teeth as traditional braces. In the case of Invisalign, they are often removed when consuming meals, cleaning etc. This also results in some forgetting to wear it after cleaning. The convenience of removing them results in not wearing them often and slower progress in correcting the alignment of teeth. This will result in people having to wear popular braces like Invisalign for more time when compared to ceramic braces.

Supporting dental enamel

When braces are used, there has been noticed slight eroding in the dental enamel. The braces are attached to the enamel and this results in slight removal of the dental enamel when the braces are worn and removed. But in the case of ceramic braces, the demineralization is nil. This is because the ceramic braces are attached with maximum adhesive strength and they do not erode the dental enamel as other braces do. As there is maximum adhesive strength, the braces also remain in place throughout the treatment and there will be less or no readjustment needed.

Convenience in wearing

Ceramic braces also have brackets like traditional braces. But due to the advancement in technology, these braces are small in size and at the same time offer maximum support to the teeth. This reduces the inconvenience of wearing or using braces. They do not irritate the gums, or obstruct the day-to-day lifestyle and the wearer gets adjusted to wearing braces in the shortest time. During treatment procedures, there might be a requirement for conducting imaging tests. These ceramic braces unlike metal braces do not interfere with the tests and the result is accurate results.

Fashion statement

It goes without saying that clear ceramic braces are almost invisible. There are some young adults who prefer to have some ‘colour’ along with the invisibility offered by the clear braces. To accommodate this need, the elastic bands that are used in the ceramic braces come in handy. This may also help young adults get interested in wearing braces and opt for treatment sooner when compared with metal braces that do not offer colour options. The elastic bands come in bright colours and they will help make a style statement and at the same time undergo the alignment correction treatment as well.

If you are an adult considering straightening your teeth, braces are a great for you. Stop shying away from the procedure and consult your dentist at the earliest.

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