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Complex orthdontic cases

Finding solutions to the most challenging orthodontic cases

For some patients, orthodontic treatment involves more than preventive treatment or braces. In some cases, the specialist skills of an interdisciplinary team may be required to ensure optimal results for you or your child.

The team at MP Orthodontics has experience in diagnosing, treating and managing complex orthodontic cases. Dr Martin Poon and Dr Geoff Hall dedicate themselves to providing the best outcomes for all patients. With an experienced team by their side, your child's orthodontic health is in safe hands. Our Orthodontists welcome all complex case enquiries including:

As a patient, your free consultation includes a preliminary assessment and an explanation of the treatment options available.
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Common Complex Orthodontic Issues Diagnosed and Treated

Complex cases are best described as orthodontic issues that cannot be resolved with conventional orthodontic treatment alone. Complex issues can include severe crowding or spacing, bite misalignment and impaction.

These cases can also involve a combination of multiple issues. This results in a more complicated treatment plan that requires advanced techniques and careful planning. Treatment plans will generally include traditional braces alongside complementary treatments delivered in stages.

Customised orthodontic treatment plans

Our orthodontists recommend diagnosis between the ages of 5 - 8 years for the most effective treatment. This allows orthodontic treatment to start before your child's adult teeth erupt and supportive tissues mature.

These orthodontic cases can also involve a combination of multiple issues. This results in a more complicated treatment plan that requires advanced techniques and careful planning. Treatment plans will generally include traditional braces alongside complementary treatments that are delivered in stages. The MP Orthodontics team can help diagnose and treat a range of complex orthodontic issues. These may include: 

  • Severe crowding spacing
  • Crossbites
  • Overbites and underbites
  • Complex rotations

Correcting Severe Bite Issues

Severe crowding and spacing

Crowding occurs when dental arches don't have room for all teeth and is caused by a range of factors. Narrow dental arches and abnormal eruption of adult teeth are common causes. Orthodontists can use several treatment options to enlarge dental arches once diagnosed. Often, treatment focuses on the use of the least invasive treatments.

Complex bite alignment issues affect how the upper and lower teeth are positioned in relation to each other when biting down. Severe misalignment can cause discomfort while eating, uneven tooth wear and TMJ disorders. The common types of bite issues are:

Underbite - The lower front teeth stick out past the upper front teeth.

Crossbite - The rear molars do not align correctly and the top teeth are positioned either inside or outside the lower molars.

Open bite - The front upper and lower teeth do not touch when biting down. Early diagnosis and timely treatment are key for correcting severe bite alignment issues. This includes complex cases where other orthodontic conditions are also present.

Patient receiving a regular clean and check-up during lingual braces treatment in Melbourne at MP Orthodontics
Dr Martin Poon Orthodontist in Melbourne

Experienced Orthodontists

Dr Martin Poon and Dr Geoff Hall

By choosing MP Orthodontics, you gain access to more than 50 years of combined experience from our experienced orthodontists.

The MP Orthodontics team appreciates that navigating the diagnosis and treatment of complex conditions can be challenging. The skilled team of professionals dedicates themselves to making every consultation as comfortable and enjoyable as possible for you and your family.

As an accomplished orthodontic specialist, Dr Martin has a particular interest in working on interdisciplinary cases with other dentists and specialists. His goal is to ensure your journey to dental health is as enjoyable as possible regardless of your age or case complexity.

Known as the myth-busting orthodontist, Dr Hall is deeply passionate about transforming lives through dental health. When he isn't seeing patients, he is busy training the next generation of orthodontists locally and internationally.

Our approach to complex case treatment

Starting orthodontic treatment can be daunting, that is why our supportive team is with you every step of the way. Our process is simple and is designed to make treatment as efficient and comfortable as possible.

  1. Initial consultation - We conduct a detailed examination and get a thorough understanding of your orthodontic goals and concerns. Your orthodontist will also explain treatment options and an approximate treatment duration. You will also receive a breakdown of all treatment costs and an explanation of the various payment methods available.
  2. Diagnosis - Your orthodontist will use a range of imaging technologies to create an accurate digital model of your teeth. These scans allow for accurate diagnosis and treatment planning.
  3. Treatment planning - Your treatment plan will be created according to the most efficient treatment pathway. This includes the approximate treatment duration length.
  4. Active treatment - Your orthodontist will make regular adjustments at regular check-ups. Progress will be closely monitored to ensure your teeth are moving correctly.
  5. Post-treatment - The final step of orthodontic treatment often involves the removal of braces. Your orthodontist will then move to a removable retainer to ensure the teeth remain in position.

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