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Is Orthodontics Only for Children or Can Adults Get Braces Too?

Is Orthodontics Only for Children or Can Adults Get Braces Too?

Braces are not only for children. Braces are now available to people of all ages. As a result, more and more individuals are becoming conscious of the influence their teeth have on their appearance, interpersonal interactions, as well as their social connections.

Adults are now increasingly preferring orthodontic treatment, due to the medical advancements in dentistry.

It’s never too late to get a better smile and a healthier mouth. There was this idea that orthodontic treatment is only for kids who have cut all of their permanent teeth. Many people also had the viewpoint that once you reach adulthood, you won’t benefit from wearing braces because your teeth would not move readily after many years of treatment.

Orthodontists use the most cutting-edge mechanical appliances and computerized equipment to correct teeth. Braces are no longer just for kids; they’re also used to treat adults. With the help of modern technology and logical thinking, orthodontic treatment may now be provided using braces that are custom-made for both children and adults.

Braces are now detachable, lighter, and less noticeable, allowing people of all ages to wear them without being self-conscious about it.

What are the reasons for adults to seek orthodontic treatment?

Apart from their unsightly appearance, misaligned or crooked teeth promote germs and are one of the leading causes of dental issues.

Teeth that are misaligned make chewing food difficult, and as a result, individuals swallow without properly breaking it down. This results in digestion issues and gastrointestinal difficulties in those who have misaligned teeth.

Crossbite results in trapping the food between teeth. As is well known, the food remnants left on the teeth attract mouth bacteria which works on the food and builds plaque which breeds more bacteria.

Bacteria in the mouth produce acid as a by-product while trapped food is digested, causing tooth enamel to wear away. Gum diseases and tooth loss can soon follow.

Crooked teeth appear less attractive and impede public speaking. Because of bad social relationships, the individual with crooked teeth has a poor self-concept. Teeth that are not properly spaced have a negative influence on one’s sense of self.

Orthodontic treatment is required to enable teeth to sit side by side without space between them, which would be unattractive and cause a poor smile.

Adults can benefit from recent advancements in technology, which have aided the design of braces that are more suitable for adults. These advances have led to development of new kinds of braces that are better adapted to adults’ daily needs.

Orthodontists all around the world use these braces to repair malocclusion and misalignment in adult teeth. The different types of braces used are as follows.

Metal braces

These are the traditional braces that we have known for almost 70 years. They’re composed of high-quality stainless steel, which is dental grade. They’ve shown to be the most effective and are especially useful when there’s a lot of misalignment.

These braces have a quicker shift of the teeth and are highly dependable. The time it takes to move the teeth in a planned direction is reduced, making it more efficient. But many adults are self-conscious of metal braces since they are quite apparent and make their wearers stand out.

However, there are adults out there who believe that they are worth the time and expense because they guarantee quicker success. Metal braces are secured to the teeth with metal braces and a metal wire passing through them, causing tension.

To maintain the teeth in good tension, the rubber bands at the end of the set are replaced on a regular basis. After each checkup, the dentist must visit the patient every few days to adjust the tension.

Clear ceramic braces

These are made from tooth-coloured ceramics which are not very conspicuous and therefore the wearer does not feel self-conscious. The people who have to be in the limelight all the time may prefer these for aesthetic and professional purposes.

These braces are efficient and bring about the desired results in time comparable to metal braces. These braces are fitted onto the front of the teeth like metal braces and are fitted with matching hardware. The principle is the same as the metal braces. The difference is in the way they look.


These are clear aligners which are made from teeth grade plastic and which are invisible to the outside world.

These aligners work on a slightly different design. The dentist first takes all the measurements of the teeth and makes a series of trays which can be fitted onto the teeth according to measurement of entire set of teeth.

The trays are then ordered. When the trays are delivered, the dentist will explain how the patient can use them.

The trays are usually changed every fifteen days after the teeth have moved according to plan. The trays are removable and should be removed while having meals. The individual has to also remember to put them back on as soon as the meal is over and the teeth are cleaned.

The trays are supposed to be on the teeth for about 22 hours a day. The patient has to go to sleep with the tray on. Since it is removable and it is up to the patient for how long he keeps the tray on, the time for shifting of the teeth varies accordingly.

These trays are very practical and since they are invisible many adults prefer it over traditional metal braces.

Concealed braces

These braces are not visible because they are attached to the back of your teeth. Since they are at the back of the teeth, the tongue keeps touching it making the speech difficult for a few days initially.

They are called lingual braces because the speech gets affected and there is a lisp in speech. After the tongue gets used to the bracket the speech becomes normal. Because they are invisible to others, many adults choose lingual braces to realign their teeth.

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