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Orthodontic Treatment for Adults

Long-term Dental Health

For many individuals, the recognition of the importance of dental health can lead them to consider orthodontic treatment. While the motivating elements vary, oral health, optimal alignment of teeth and confidence are the most common reasons.

It is never too late for adult patients can benefit from advances in orthodontic technology and flexible payment options making specialist orthodontic treatment affordable and accessible.

  • Orthodontic problems that were not corrected from childhood
  • Improved appearance of the teeth and smile
  • Functional or bite issues that affect quality of life
  • Improving overall health and dental hygiene
Teenagers with Braces

Orthodontics for Adults

It is well-accepted that the optimal for orthodontic treatment is between the ages of 10-14. This is due to the physical changes a child undergoes. The upper and lower jaw and related soft tissues are more responsive to changes in the location and alignment of teeth. For individuals over the age of 18, orthodontic treatment is still an effective treatment for improving the alignment, function and appearance of crooked teeth.

Popular Orthodontic Treatments for Adults

MP Orthodontics offers orthodontic treatments for all cases, from simple to complex. Each orthodontics treatment plan is tailored according to individual requirements. The following types of orthodontic treatment are available: 

Modern Orthodontic Treatment Options

Lasting results for a beautiful smile.

Routine clean and check-up during orthodontic braces treatment
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