Orthodontic Treatment for Teenagers

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Orthodontic Treatment for Teenagers in Melbourne

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We appreciate that the teenage and young adult years are a time of big changes, both in body and mind. Our orthodontists have many years of experience and provide tailored care to each patient. They ensure that orthodontic treatment has positive effects and achieves desired results efficiently.

Comprehensive orthodontic treatment for teenagers can usually commence once all or most adult teeth erupt. Orthodontic treatment is most effective during the growth stage when the teeth, jaws, and facial anatomy are still developing.

  • Correcting bite alignment, function and comfort
  • Improving teeth alignment
  • Eliminating premature wear on teeth enamel
  • Enhancing self-confidence
  • Improving overall health
Teenagers with Braces

How long does teenage orthodontic treatment take?

Teen orthodontic treatment times vary according to your teen’s needs. Teenagers getting braces can expect treatment to last 18 to 24 months. The duration depends on how severe their orthodontic problems are. Orthodontics can help resolve issues related to crowding, alignment and bite.

Our orthodontists will always recommend the least invasive treatment to ensure the most comfortable experience for all our patients.

Popular Orthodontic Treatments for Teens

Orthodontic Treatment for Teens FAQs

What is the best orthodontic treatment for teens?

Over the decades, we have worked with thousands of teenagers and young adults and have seen some remarkable transformations. In many cases, people are hesitant about getting orthodontic treatment at first. Often, this resistance goes away over time.

Most patients start feeling more confident and excited about the treatment. They look forward to seeing the results. Each patient may require a unique orthodontic treatment. We believe the most effective treatment is one that boosts your teen's confidence.

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