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Myths About Getting Braces as an Adult

Published: Apr 07, 2023 Last Updated: Dec 13, 2023
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It is common knowledge that life with braces is difficult. That being said, it is totally worth the effort. Quite often we hear talks about how the teenage years are the prime time for this orthodontic treatment. It subsequently ushers in a sense of uncertainty within adults. This doubt brings forth few troubling questions. Do adults get braces? Are adult braces time consuming? Is getting braces as an adult a terrible decision?

No! Definitely not. The advantages of getting braces are far too many for you to back down, that too because of your age. Dental braces correct your dental alignment, reduces plaque or decay from excessive gaps, enhances your dental and oral hygiene and ultimately gives you a radiant smile. Ge is just a number here. It clearly does not matter for the treatment.

If so, then what is the downside of getting braces as an adult that everyone is talking about? Let us read through the most common myths about getting braces as an adult. And also, let us break one myth at a time. Read on to know more.

Myth #1 – Adult braces are less effective

Where does this idea come from? Teenagers are the most common patients for orthodontic treatment. They do have the advantage of their jaws being in a developing stage. That is, making corrections are considerably easy. But this doesn’t mean that adult braces are difficult and less efficient. Be it 15 or 50, braces will certainly be equally effective.

Developments in the field of orthodontic treatment now make it possible to conduct an array of teeth, gum and jaw-related corrections very efficiently. Be it cases of alignment correction, crowding, overbite, underbite or any other issue, your dentist can suggest orthodontic treatment, jaw surgery, or a combination of both to ensure maximum success. Adulthood is never an obstruction for this.

Myth #2 – Adult braces are time-consuming

This myth is a branching out of myth #1. As said, the teeth and jaws in kids are still developing. This makes it the prime time for any corrective changes. But that does not mean adult braces are less effective and will take up more time. In fact, the time period is not at all dependent on age.

The normal time period for orthodontic treatment is 18 months to 3 years. Any change from this normality occurs due to peculiarities in a case. The severity of correction required, lifestyle conditions and the ultimate goal of the treatment is what decides the time period of your treatment. Adulthood has nothing to do with this since the same procedure and time is recommended for patients of all age.

Myth #3 – Adult braces are embarrassing

If you think this is true, then you clearly haven’t checked out the various treatment options in the market. It is high time you stop standing in front of the mirror imagining how your face will look in metallic braces. Metallic braces might be the most common treatment out there but it is not the norm. Depending on your dental condition and lifestyle needs, you can sit with your dentist and figure out a treatment that works best.

Besides metal braces, what other options are out there? Ceramic braces are a viable option if you want the efficiency of metal braces but not the visibility. They have tooth-coloured brackets and wire, making it not so obvious as metal braces. Another option is lingual braces. Lingual braces are kept in the back of your mouth. This means that they are totally invisible yet efficient. Invisalign clear aligners are yet another option which is gaining popularity these days. They are clear, removable and efficient plastic aligners custom-made for your teeth.

Myth #4 – Adult braces are expensive

Well, braces are not cheap. It should be seen as an investment for your future. Undergoing orthodontic treatment will surely lessen the likelihood of other recurring dental decays and issues. Further, it will contribute highly to your self-confidence. Now, that surely is a good investment.

But does this amount increase for adults? No. As we looked at before, the treatment period and money involved solely depend on the kind of treatment we require. This is dependent upon dental hygiene, lifestyle and envisioned goal. It is definitely not dependent on age. Further, as an adult, you can opt for better dental or health insurance plans to cover your treatment.

Adults make better patients

A talk around dentists is that adults make better patients. Why is that so? For starters, adults are in for treatment because they feel the need for it. This makes them far more responsible as patients. That is, they are ready to accommodate lifestyle changes to better fit the results of the treatment.

Further, adults read up about the treatment. They are not passive consumers. They are well-researched patients who firmly believe in the treatment. They are well aware of the procedure and what will or will not help make the treatment efficient and successful.

Additionally, they are patient. Unlike children who are eagerly waiting for magical results, adults are accommodative of the time-constrain. This reduces the pressure on dentists to make miraculous changes overnight.

So, don’t let adulthood pull you down. There is no age for braces. All that matters is your commitment to it. Do we ever think about age when making a lifestyle change? No! All you need is to decide to go forward with the change and then wholeheartedly welcome the process. Adult braces are no less efficient, time-consuming, expensive and embarrassing. It is all a myth you need to get rid of.

It is high time we start thinking of braces as a lifestyle change. Corrective treatment will better your dental hygiene and boost your confidence. Like any other treatment, this too will have its fair share of difficulties. But it is definitely worth the effort. And once you are done with the treatment, that glow of self-confidence on your face might even make you seem younger than before!

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