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Ceramic Braces

Published: Apr 25, 2023 Last Updated: Dec 13, 2023
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Braces are gadgets used to correct irregularities in teeth, so that teeth can be realigned and guided to move in desired direction.

There are dental issues like overbite, underbite crowded or crooked teeth which can be corrected with the help of braces. The orthodontists treat these issues regularly in their practice. Traditionally braces were used with metal wires and brackets. Over the years Orthodontics – the branch of dentistry in health care- has been developing phenomenally, and now, we have choices which were not available a few years back. Today people have numerous choices and options for material to be used for their braces. Ceramic braces are one of them. There are clearly many benefits of ceramic braces over metal braces.

Advantages of ceramic braces


The most obvious advantage of ceramic braces is its near-invisibility to other people. They are discreet because they are made of clear see-through material and are translucent, which makes them less noticeable; almost invisible. They also have smaller brackets than the traditional metal brackets, and there is an option to choose coloured wires to provide tension to the brackets. The coloured wires make them very discreet and no one will know you are wearing braces if you don’t want them to. The discreet aspect of the braces makes them appealing to adults who can wear them to their offices and work places without being conscious of them. For many professionals this aspect of the braces is very important because they do not want to be conscious of their smiles like in traditional braces.


Ceramic may sound delicate because traditionally we are used to treat ceramic with care. But when talking about dental braces, ceramic braces are as tough as metal ones because many features have been taken into consideration while designing it keeping in mind its application for a variety of age groups. Although they are designed to be smaller, and they take lesser space on the front of the tooth, the ceramic that is used in the bracket is fine grained which makes it resistant to damage easily and works well throughout the treatment. The irritation is also less because of its innovative design where corners of brackets are rounded off and smooth, and this prevents soft tissues from getting affected.

Colour of the connecting wire

Ceramic braces are made in clear ceramic material. These has to be connected with each other with wire. The connecting wire or arch wire that connects brackets of ceramic is metal, but you can choose to use a suitable colour that blends with your teeth. The shades that are available include white, silver, or frost which blends with the rest of the gear perfectly. Since it is possible to have coloured wires, the younger more enthusiastic and adventurous patients opt for colourful bands, unlike adult and more cautious professional. The coloured bands produce an sensational effect on friends which is lacking in traditional braces. Some children change the colour of their bands according to occasion like exciting colours on a holiday or a picnic and so on.

No demineralization in ceramic braces

The ceramic brackets are bonded to the teeth with a strong bonding agent, but great care has been taken to see that when brackets are removed, the bond has not demineralized the teeth, and the teeth have not darkened where brackets were attached. Demineralization of teeth is one of the side effects of orthodontic treatment associated with metal braces. Metal brackets colours the enamel because of demineralization process between enamel and the metal. But ceramic brackets cause least number of changes in the outer most layer of the tooth.

Easy removal

When ceramic braces are removed at the end of the treatment, the teeth are not at all coloured, and the removal process itself is easier than in traditional braces. The bonding material which was used in traditional braces has been replaced by improved bonding material which can be removed without damaging the tooth enamel. Some of bonding material used with metal brackets would take a layer of enamel with it when removed at the end of the treatment. In ceramic brackets the bonding material is very well researched and standardized to have minimum adverse effect on the tooth enamel. This is true even while treatment is on, and when it begins. At any given time the bonding of brackets to teeth is safeguarded by using high quality bonding material.


Since ceramic braces have smaller brackets, they present more comfort than traditional metal brace which had little larger brackets which would almost cover the entire front surface of the tooth. Ceramic is closer in to natural teeth and dental enamel; it feels good in the mouth than traditional braces because the metallic colour and feel is different than ceramic.

Less prone to stains

Ceramic braces do not stain easily like its predecessor which was made of clear plastic. These are high-quality well-designed braces which are specially designed for good looks throughout the treatment. Care has been taken to treat them in such a way that they do not stain themselves while eating any food and drink.

The ceramic braces are chosen by all ages and categories of people, but it is popular with professional who are moving around with people all the time. They like to realigned their teeth but do it discreetly so that they can smile freely without worrying about how they will appear in their photographs.

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