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Are You Getting Another Opinion?

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We appreciate your desire to seek the best possible orthodontic care for yourself, or for your child. Orthodontic treatment is a long-term relationship between you, the doctor, and the entire team. You want and deserve quality customer service and personal attention throughout the orthodontic process. Here are some important questions to consider when you are seeking a second opinion. If you have any additional concerns or questions, please feel free to discuss them with us before making your final decision.

1. Is the doctor an orthodontic specialist?

Some dentists do braces yet do not have orthodontic training or an orthodontic degree. Specialty training requires an additional 2-3 years of post-graduate education after completing the regular dental program. Dr Martin Poon and Dr Geoff Hall graduated from the University of Melbourne Dental School and then received their specialty training in orthodontics from the prestigious University of Pennsylvania.

2. How long has the doctor been in practice?

Much of the orthodontic education takes place after graduate school when you begin working on a regular basis to increase knowledge and hands-on experience.  You should question the orthodontist as to how long he/she has been in practice.  Dr. Geoff Hall has been practising for over 30 years and Dr Martin Poon more than 10 years with many of their team members having as much or more experience in the field.

3. Are brackets or any other appliances recycled or re-used in the office?

Be sure there are NO recycling procedures being used for braces themselves or any other appliance to be worn. MP Orthodontics uses quality products that are designed for a one-time use per patient.

4. Is the office fully compliant with all OHS requirements?

Ask to see the sterilisation area while asking questions about the process of sterilising all equipment. MP Orthodontics exceeds sterilisation requirements for your safety and uses many disposable items if not made to withstand high-heat or cold sterilisation techniques.

5. Does the doctor charge any fees to monitor dental growth and development prior to beginning any treatment?

Will you be charged for routine visits to monitor dental growth and development? MP Orthodontics offers a complimentary exam and observation appointments to children and teenagers as a courtesy to you and your general dentist. There are no fees until treatment begins.

6. Does the doctor himself or herself place the braces on the teeth?

Dental hygienists and therapists are trained and legally permitted to do many procedures in the mouth. It is recommended that you ask questions about the orthodontist’s background training and experience. MP Orthodontics highly-trained Registered Dental Hygienists and therapists have years of experience and work under the direction of the doctor while he is responsible for bracket placement.

7.Are finishing retainers including in the total treatment fee?

Find out if your retention phase of treatment following braces includes adjustments without any additional charges. MP Orthodontics includes one set of retainers and 2 years of follow-up visits as part of the treatment fees.

8. Is the practice focused on the Customer Service aspect of orthodontics?

Will you and your child enjoy the orthodontic experience and be treated in a special and caring environment? Here at MP Orthodontics, we pride ourselves in providing premier customer service with a SMILE!

9. Can you ask any questions of any team member and get a prompt, complete, and accurate answer?

Confidence and knowledge are a great part of the overall experience and you should be certain your doctor and every team member have both. Make sure you feel comfortable asking questions and sharing any concerns.

We realise that for many people, finding an orthodontist is a new experience. We also realise that the commitment to excellence in our office is often not fully appreciated until the patient has learned more about orthodontic treatment in general. Hopefully, we are of help to you in the process of selected the best choice for your treatment and/or family members. We look forward to hearing from you and to having you join our family of satisfied patients and parents at MP Orthodontics, Melbourne Orthodontists.

MP Orthodontics is an orthodontic practice based in Cheltenham, Melbourne. Working from the belief that orthodontic treatment is much more than working with teeth and creating smiles, treating orthodontists – Dr Martin Poon and Dr Geoff Hall – approach patients as people first. Their approach is to work together and plan and implement treatment that meets each individual’s needs. Drawing on 30 plus years experience of helping children gain confidence through tailored treatment, MP Orthodontics, is a truly unique orthodontic practice.

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