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What Are the Pros and Cons of Clear Ceramic Braces?

Pros and Cons of Clear Ceramic Braces

Braces are an orthodontic method to reposition the teeth which are crooked, and those which are not properly spaced. Braces have been in use for many decades now, and they give good results. People are happy to get their teeth moved into position they want and give them a better smile than before.

The science of dentistry has progressed a lot in the past decade and many new and innovative techniques have been developed to provide the users with several choices in all the fields including orthodontics.

Clear ceramic braces are one of the improved orthodontic treatments which is like traditional metal braces. The difference is that here the brackets are made of ceramic and coloured. Clear Ceramic braces work on the same principle as traditional metal braces, where clear ceramic brackets are fitted onto the surface of the teeth and thin wires are passed through them to give the teeth a little pressure to let them move in a desired direction.

Like all other things that exist, ceramic braces too have positive and negative sides to them.

Benefits of having ceramic braces

The following are some of the benefits of clear ceramic braces.


Clear ceramic braces are inconspicuous unlike metal braces. It is usually during teenage years, that we start orthodontic treatment, the logic being, all the deciduous teeth have fallen out and new permanent teeth have erupted. This is also the period when youngsters are going through a rapid growth period. They are self-conscious and wearing braces would make them more so. With clear ceramic braces, the fear of being standing out in a crowd becomes lesser and it gives them relief from being conspicuous.

Many a times it is adults who feel the need to get their teeth straightened and well-spaced out. Wearing braces in adulthood make them self-conscious in social groups making them stand out in a crowd for needing orthodontic treatment at this age. In such situations clear ceramic braces are a very good option because it is discreet, therefore the wearer does not feel being very conspicuous in a crowd.

Colour of braces

Clear ceramic braces are manufactured from translucent materials making them invisible to naked eye. In some clinics, even the wires are coloured which match to the colour of the teeth. Since teeth are a very important part of the face, which incidentally is the first thing that people notice about other people, it is no wonder that many adults would like to get their teeth in the best possible position to make a good impression when they meet other people. As has been observed by psychologists, teeth is one of the two things that people are very conscious about, the other thing being weight.

Clear ceramic braces have the advantage being in a chosen colour which makes them blend with the natural colour of your teeth. The same colour of the teeth for braces adds to its quality of being unnoticeable. People can choose to match the colour of the clear ceramics to match with their original teeth which makes them almost totally concealed. It is also makes them more pleasing aesthetically. In contrast to metal braces which look very unpleasing, these braces do not distract attention while talking or being in a social gathering. In addition, this material is stains resistant, and therefore does not get stained and will remain discreet through-out the treatment period.


Unlike metal braces which are made of metal, and may have sharp edges, clear ceramic braces are made of high quality, dental – grade materials which are not abrasive. Metal braces need to be adjusted every-time the wires are tightened, but the ceramic braces have smooth edges and are more suitable for gums and soft tissues in the mouth because they cause less irritation to surrounding tissues, and as a result are less painful.

Traditional treatment with latest technology

Clear ceramic braces use clear ceramic instead of metal in the age old orthodontic treatment to achieve movement of teeth in desired direction. Since this method of moving the teeth has been in practice for decades, it is a time-tested method and it has proved to be a trusted method time and again. The clear ceramic instead of metal brackets are the added benefit to make them less conspicuous which is working out well for all ages of customers. Since it is a traditional orthodontic treatment even older adults find it comfortable to use this procedure because it has been found that the teeth can be moved at any age, with the right procedure.

Many dental clinics all over the world report that there is an increased traffic in their clinic for getting orthodontic treatment done by adults now. Even a decade back, adults were not so sure of getting braces in their mouth which they thought make them look very out of place in their social circles, which is not the case now because of invisibility of the clear ceramic braces.

Also, an encouraging fact is that adults get almost the same good results as children and teenagers. The fact that almost all dental clinics are showing increased numbers of adults opting for orthodontic treatment, it is safe to assume that easy availability of clear ceramic braces has emboldened adults into considering the option of getting their smiles perfected according to their wishes.

Disadvantages of Clear Ceramic braces:

Cost: Clear ceramic braces are more expensive than metal braces because they use high-end materials to make them.

Period of treatment: Clear ceramic braces take little longer to get desired results than the traditional metal braces, and this is one of the factors that adds to the cost of the treatment.

Less effective for extreme cases of teeth movement: In most cases of usual orthodontic treatment, clear ceramic braces work very well. But, when the teeth that are to be moved, are in a very complicated position, then ceramic braces may not be the answer. Where major changes in teeth structure are required, the dentist may like to consult more experts for their advice before deciding on the braces.

Durability: Ceramic braces are less durable than their metal counterpart.

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