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All you want to know about clear ceramic braces

Published: Nov 08, 2023 Last Updated: Dec 13, 2023
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Being first introduced in the dental industry in the 80s, ceramic braces are gaining popularity worldwide. The ceramic braces are composed of aluminium oxide, in their natural form corundum, which is a tricky substance, and hence are eligible to impart maximum protection to your teeth. It is the bracket of these ceramic braces which are generally glued to the surface of your teeth. These brackets can be composed of various materials such as ceramic or stainless steel. An arch wire controls the teeth movement, further connecting the braces to the band.

Ceramic braces are generally the most comfortable form of braces, and they do not cause discomfort to your gums. Depending upon your dental alignment and complication, ceramic braces generally take a year or two to eliminate your dental problem.

How long can ceramic braces be worn?

Ceramic braces can be worn for about three years at a stretch to straighten your dental alignment. But since these braces are composed of ceramic, they are not so durable, and you might need to replace them frequently. In addition, wearing ceramic braces for more than three years is not advisable since it enhances the chances of plaque accumulation around your teeth.

Benefits of ceramic braces

These are the various benefits that you will find if you use ceramic braces:

Camouflage with your teeth

Since the ceramic braces are generally transparent or the colour of teeth, it becomes difficult to notice you wearing them. This is the reason why adults like wearing ceramic braces. The archwires also come in white colour, which makes them less visible. It is common for you to feel anxious when wearing braces, but with the help of these braces, you don’t need to be worried anymore.

Less allergenic

Nickel is commonly used in braces and other dental appliances, but many people are allergic to nickel. There are chances that you can also be one of them. When people who are allergic to nickel come in contact with the metal, they might suffer from contact dermatitis. Orthodontic appliances are composed of alloys of several metals and primarily include nickel as a component. Even braces composed of stainless steel contain some amount of nickel alloy. Hence ceramic braces are safe since they are not composed of metal.

Prevents accumulation of plaque

When you are wearing ceramic braces, it helps you align your teeth, but you also protect your teeth from plaque accumulation. Plaque is a colourless sticky film containing bacteria that accumulates around your teeth and degrades your teeth quality apart from also compromising your oral health.

Helpful during MRI scans

Many a time, you need to undergo MRI or Magnetic Image Reasoning scans for your health check-ups. But do you know that the metallic braces can cause hindrances during your head or neck MRI scan? Often, removing these metallic braces becomes troublesome just before the scan. But since ceramic braces are composed of MRI-safe ceramic, you don’t require to remove these braces before your MRI scan. But, if your ceramic braces contain slots of stainless steel, you might have to get them removed before undergoing an MRI scan.

Problems with Ceramic Braces

Not that everything about ceramic braces is flawless. They also have their limitations such as the following:


Ceramic braces might be more prominent and bulkier. Generally, they come in a convenient size that fits all, and that might make you a little uncomfortable wearing these ceramic braces. However, this problem will be solved if you get ceramic braces customized according to your dental setting.

It can be easily stained

Since the ceramic braces come in whitish or off-white colours, they are generally stained easily. Drinks such as red wine, cola, or coffee can quickly leave their imprints in the ceramic braces. It is recommended that you have these drinks with the help of a straw so that the liquid has the slightest interaction with your ceramic braces. That would reduce their probability of getting stained.

Enamel might get demineralized

Metals are often seen to be good for oral health unless you are allergic to any metal. However, ceramic braces are crafted of ceramic and hence do not enhance the mineral content of your teeth. since the ceramic braces are stuck to the enamel of your teeth, the demineralization of your teeth enamel may occur.

Low durability

Ceramic braces are prone to chipping off or breaking easily. If you engage in rigorous sports, then ceramic braces are not a good option for you since you might end up breaking them at regular intervals. So, you need to have a detailed conversation with your dentist or orthodontist since they can recommend the best brace for you.

Difficult to remove

Since the ceramic braces are stuck to the teeth’ enamel, removing them is troublesome. The metal braces, in comparison, can be removed easily. In addition, while removing the ceramic braces, you might also face discomfort. But while removing metal braces, people do not generally experience discomfort.

Tend to fracture more

Since ceramic braces do not bend and are prone to breaking, it is possible that during their removal, a part of the braces might stick onto your teeth; this fragment of ceramic braces will then have to be removed with the help of dental burs, which adds to unnecessary complications. As metal braces are flexible and can bend well, they get less fractured while being removed.

How can you efficiently take care of your ceramic braces?

It is not that difficult to take care of your ceramic braces. All you need to do is get into the healthy habit of brushing your teeth at least twice daily. This will eliminate the food particles sticking to your braces that could further lead to plaque build-up. You are also advised to floss once daily. This helps extract the minute food particles off your ceramic braces, which the toothbrush could not eliminate. Also, avoid drinks and food with solid colours and might leave imprints in your ceramic braces.

Bottom line

People opt to wear braces to correct their dental aesthetics. Though wearing braces is more commonly seen among teenagers, adults are also inclined to wear braces nowadays. Adults more often opt for ceramic braces and not metal ones because ceramic braces camouflage very well with the teeth, and as a result, they do not feel self-conscious about wearing braces.

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