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Advantages of Metal Braces to Straighten Teeth

Published: Jun 15, 2023 Last Updated: Dec 13, 2023
A girl with the advantage of metal braces to straighten teeth

Metal braces are prosthetics to align and correct the position of your teeth and by doing so, give you a pleasant smile. Metal braces have been in use for decades now, and according to some opinions they existed even in ancient Egyptian culture. Today many other options for aligning the teeth are available, but metal braces are still in use. The metal braces are sometimes known as traditional braces also because of their use in orthodontics for a long time, helping people out of numerous conditions of misaligned teeth. The metal braces have also improved because of advances in technology and knowledge of dentistry, and are widely used today.

Metal braces consist of brackets, wires and rubber bands attached on the teeth to move them with a little pressure in desired direction. The metal used is stainless steel and are very cost effective.

How do metal braces work?

The metal braces basically consist of metal brackets, arch wires and rubber bands. All these tiny parts work in unison to bring the result we hope for. There are other special parts apart from these, but they are used in individual cases as per their requirement.

Metal brackets are very small links made of ceramic or stainless steel, which is attached on to the front of the teeth with special adhesive made for dentists.

Arch wire is a thin piece of wire which goes through the brackets on all the teeth and connects them with each other, made of stainless steel. It brings the pressure on all the teeth at the same time so that they all move in a predesigned direction.

Adhesive: this is the special glue used for bonding the bracket to the tooth. It is mouth friendly and non-toxic.

O-Ring: is an elastic band that initiates the pressure on the wires and brackets by connecting them. (These are interesting because they are colourful). The ligature elastic does a lot of work and are changed every time you see your orthodontist during the treatment.

Spacers are actually small buttons which go in-between your individual teeth to allow the O ring bands to fit properly.

Orthodontic bands do not go on each individual tooth but they connect arch wire to the bracket. In case of people whose teeth do not require a lot of straightening up, then there may be no need of these bands. There are other parts which are used for different needs of people in connection with braces, but all of the parts are not used for all of the orthodontic treatment for braces.

How do these parts come together to get the teeth moving in desired direction?

Metal braces work by creating pressure persistently on to the teeth to move them slowly in a certain direction, or a correct position. The arch wire puts most of the pressure on the teeth and the bracket holds it in place. In some cases, the teeth may not move easily, so to increase the pressure, the other part like the bands are used to get the teeth moving.

The teeth are cushioned by gingiva or gum tissue. Underneath the gums there is a membrane which shields the lower half of the tooth. This part of the tooth is encouraged to move by pressure on the periodontal membrane covering the alveolar bones.

The membrane stretches out and allows the tooth to move in space created by the bands and bars so that it can shift.

Bone remodelling: Braces encourage the teeth to move, by which the teeth become stronger and encourage new cells to work for them, which strengthens the teeth because the bone density increases with the new cells.

Basic advantages of metal braces

Metal braces can solve problems of many kinds like misalignment, gaps between the teeth, crossbite, underbite and overbite, crowding of teeth and protrusion of teeth. Orthodontic treatment where metal braces are considered one of the basic treatments for these problems, you can expect best possible results.


Over the years this treatment has embraced new technological advances in orthodontics and offer one of the quickest ways to get results. It takes between 1 to 3 years for the treatment to complete and get the desired results.

Cost effective

Metal braces give a desired result in getting the aligned at an affordable cost. This treatment works out to be the least expensive of all other orthodontic treatment which gives result in relatively lesser time with a restrictive budget.


Metal braces are a very durable. They are made of stainless steel or titanium which are very strong and durable metals, and there is no question of them breaking or coming apart in the middle of the treatment.

Lifelong results:

The treatment itself is very durable treatment especially if you have worn retainers after the treatment for a few months. This is a permeant treatment and there is no fear of your teeth moving back in its original position again.


These are safe braces because you do not remove them for food and oral care routine. There is no danger of forgetting to put them back on after food. It is in your mouth all 24 hours and continue to work day and night.

The latest development in the metal braces called self-legating braces. Here the dentist does not use rubber bands to attach the wire to the brackets. Instead, each bracket has s clip that can be opened or closed for the wire. This allows for less friction and quicker the pace for teeth to move.

Smaller version:

Today the sizes of the brackets have been made smaller than before and this makes the brackets less cumbersome in the mouth then they were. It has also added to its aesthetic value.

Healthier lifestyle:

The problems of misaligned or crowded and misshapen teeth bring on worries and anxieties about appearance. Sometimes even speech is affected. The metal braces treatment when completed can give you more confidence and better personality.

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