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Adult Braces - Teeth Straightening Options for Adults

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As awareness around the benefits of straight teeth grows, more adults are seeing an investment in choosing some form of adult braces for straightening teeth as a legitimate pathway to improving their health, wellbeing and confidence.

In the not-too-distant past, adults with braces and adults seeking a way to straighten their teeth was very rare. Many adults were put off by the limited options, which traditionally only included metal braces.

Can Adults Get Braces?

Today, teeth straightening for adults is widely accepted, particularly as the available options for adult braces and adult orthodontic treatment have increased.

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Adult Orthodontics in Australia

Orthodontic treatment including adult braces is becoming increasingly common in Australia. In fact, according to a survey undertaken by Orthodontics Australia, 62% of Australian adults are considering orthodontic treatment with 20% of orthodontic patients being adults. At MP Orthodontics, we too have experienced an increasing number of adults looking to improve their smile.

Orthodontic Options For Adults

Today we have many options in the way of dental braces for adults and adult orthodontic treatment. Teeth straightening options for adults range from the very popular aligner therapy such as Invisalign, include ceramic braces or braces hidden behind the teeth to the more conventional metal braces that are now far more comfortable and less intrusive.

With technology and the right skill level, teeth straightening in adults is as successful today as traditional orthodontics with teens. Our main limitation with adults – is that ideally we need good bone and healthy gums to move the teeth – even if they may not be perfect at the time of the initial examination, with usually minimal effort by a general dentist or periodontist these gums and bone can be improved very quickly to allow orthodontic treatment for adults to begin.

All types of appliances such as braces or aligner therapy have the same effect whether we are treating your child or you as an adult – so you feel very comfortable that even though you may be a little bit older than the traditional teen orthodontic patient , your treatment will be as successful and can be done with the most advanced cosmetic appliances --virtually invisible !!

Which are the Best Braces for Adults?

Choosing the best braces for adults is the same as choosing the best type of braces for teens or children; it depends on a case by case basis. Adults, like children, can choose between Invisalign, ceramic or porcelain braces, lingual braces, the much-improved metal braces and also self-ligating braces which are available in both metal and clear.

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Why are Adults Choosing Orthodontic Treatment?

There are many different reasons why teeth straightening for adults is much more common than previously. We have listed the main ones below.

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