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Can adults get orthodontic treatment?

Published: Mar 19, 2023 Last Updated: Dec 13, 2023
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Ideally, human teeth should be as neatly lined up in the same way as the piano keys. However, it is unfortunate that not everyone is born with perfect teeth. Many of us have to put up with teeth that are misaligned, improper bites, and even crowded smiles. If you suffer from any of these problems, the good news is that the latest dental treatments can ensure that the alignment of the crooked teeth and move them to the perfect position.

In young kids, misalignment is easily rectified using braces. But the question is, what about the adults who want to opt for such advanced orthodontic treatments.

Beyond the cosmetic needs

These problems are more than just cosmetic. Misaligned teeth can make cleaning very challenging.

It could thereby lead you into tooth decay or even gum disease eventually. Malocclusion is a common problem which leads to one’s mouth not closing well when chewing.

Poor alignment also puts a lot of stress on top muscles during pronouncement sounds. The result is that it affects how someone chews food, which could cause pain. It could happen when they bite down hard stuff.

Childhood is the ideal time for orthodontic treatment

The perfect time to make the alignment of teeth is during childhood. But at the same time, more adults also prefer aligning their teeth through dental orthodontic treatment and coming away with excellent results!

But it’s also seen that some adults may need an adjustment or two, too- sometimes even without realizing what they are experiencing is not quite right until later on down the line when things do not feel perfect anymore.

So, if you too are in the adult category, and considering orthodontic treatments, let us see the options you have.

Braces: is there an age limit for getting them?

When we speak of orthodontic treatments for treating misaligned teeth, you will be aware that braces are by far the most common.

If you are an adult and wondering whether you too can get them, you will be happy to know that there’s no age limit for you to get braces. The only requirement for you to have them is healthy jaw bone and permanent teeth.

But along with one having a healthy jaw bone, specific other considerations too need to be looked into. Let us see what these are.

What to know before you get braces

It is true that though braces are more likely to be suitable for kids below the age of 18 years, for adults too, they can consider. You can still get braces as an adult, but you must have healthy teeth and a normal jaw bone.

Orthodontists recommend this because of the risk of unwanted consequences such as gum disease or tooth decay if they aren’t used correctly. Thus, in case you too are an adult with teeth that are misaligned but still healthy, there is treatment available.

Some misaligned teeth in adults might require a more complicated dental treatment

We all know the feeling of shifting our teeth into place and getting that perfect smile, but as we grow older, it becomes more difficult.

For some people with severe misalignment who have tried every other treatment option available on their journey towards dental health, braces may still not be enough to correct these issues.

In such cases, intervention from a reliable orthodontist becomes necessary. Such intervention may also require oral surgery only after such dental surgeries will get braces help.

Dental treatments may require the involvement of more than orthodontists

Adults seeking any orthodontic treatment may find that they need additional dental work before braces can be installed.

For example, you might receive a referral to the periodontist. It may be necessary if it is determined your gum disease or existing oral hygiene issues would make straight teeth installation difficult for whatever reason.

In addition, there are various other treatments such as fillings and root canals which often occur in preparation for adult set bridges or dentures if we neglect these parts during childhood years.

A person who wants both cosmetic results from their toothbrush storage habits combined with better health. These are complicated and thus require extra care.

When it comes to orthodontic treatments, there is now more braces. Let us see what they are.

Conventional braces have made way for newer types

Conventional braces have been around for decades and remain one of the most popular types, though newer alternatives are offered.

One commonly used alternative is clear or tooth-coloured ceramic wires. These can be less invasive than metal bands because they don’t need to contact your teeth directly. It means you won’t feel any pain when eating certain foods while wearing them! Another trend seen recently in conventional orthodontics practice was white wire brackets–but pigment wore off quickly, so we found out early how great an option these were. But these have now made way for the aligners.


Aligners focus on your teeth and not where they shouldn’t be: between them. They’re clear trays that change out every two weeks so you can stay comfortable during this time, without having any discomfort or problems from braces being seen by others around us all day long!

With aligners, you have to be committed and motivated to work for the treatment plan. It is easier with conventional options like braces or aligners since they don’t require any special maintenance other than checking your teeth every day – no matter where life takes us.

Thus, they are much sought after by patients all across the globe. But it would be best if you had the right orthodontist who could do the best orthodontic treatment for you.

To sum up, we can say that orthodontic treatments like braces and aligners are most suitable for kids. But they can be used for adults too if one can take care of certain factors as discussed above.

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