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Our approach to treatment is simple. We’re in this together.

We understand the best orthodontic treatment happens when there’s a strong team involved and when treatment is commenced early, intercepting issues before they become problems.

At MP Orthodontics, our approach to treatment is unique. We call it the POD model. We cultivate a strong and active working partnership between the Patient, Orthodontist and Dentist, with a focus on preventive care that starts with early interceptive treatment.

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our orthodontic approach

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The MP Orthodontics POD model is less rocket science, more common sense. Understanding sometimes there’s often points of disconnection along the orthodontic treatment pathway, we know it’s an approach to patient care and orthodontic practice that works. The POD model for orthodontics is based on simple, clear principles.

  • We encourage clear, meaningful communication between the patient, orthodontist and dentist; that way you’ll always understand what’s happening in your treatment and why.
  • We approach every challenge with enthusiasm. We understand not all orthodontic treatment is straightforward. Our strength is in tackling more complex orthodontic cases that allow us to draw from every aspect of our experience - study, research, clinical practice and product development. The approach we take? It’s simple. We find a way.
  • We identify the ideal treatment pathway. Drawing on our consolidated practice, research and product development experience we devise a solution to achieve the best orthodontic outcome for you. Educate and raise awareness? That’s just what we do. It means our experience is your confidence.
  • We respect and value our partners. As specialists, we encourage collaboration and a collegiate approach to patient care with our referring network. We understand the interdependence between dentists and orthodontists and actively encourage this approach to deliver the best outcome. Think of us as your trusted partner in patient care.

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